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Rainbow Powder Portrait by Shutter-Punk

This is one of the most outstanding pieces I've seen in a long time! It is evident that you've put a lot of work into this to create th...

It's time for... by FrancescaDelfino

First of all, excellent focus on the flower! I absolutely love the sharpness of every drop on the rose and the clarity of the petals an...

I love the concept of this photo; the simplycity of the title and how well it suits the image, while making a very bold statement. The ...

Good Luck II. by Kara-a
by Kara-a

VERY genious idea, because this particular Chinese character has meanings both upside down as well as right side up! I love how you use...

Rose on Fire by ParaMAX
by ParaMAX

To start off, very lovely colours. The title suits the photo really well. I really like how the petals closest to the camera are out of...

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Any extra points that I receive will be donated towards good causes! (contests, etc.)

Edit: Thanks to JulianneKnight who gave me a PM! I will now be saving my points to purchase a print from deviantART as a gift for a close family member.

I appreciate every amount given, no matter how small or large.

Thank you!

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Hello everyone! :wave:

First off, my apologies for the inactivity! But I promise to provide you with a legitimate reason for being inactive on dA!

So, this past year has been one with SO many big changes. Last fall I just started my first year of university studies! I am proud to say that I just finished my last exam yesterday and I have officially completed my first year! :happybounce: :happybounce:
I am in a engineering program (specializing in civil engineering), and for those of you who know what university is like, it is not an easy program! With almost 40 hours of school per week, and homework/studying on top of that, I have hardly been able to find time to be creative. :( However, this summer I plan on taking lots of pictures and hopefully investing in some new camera equipment!

I've learned a lot of things this past year, that extend beyond the engineering concepts from class. Here are a few:

1. It is possible to be in a difficult program, without depending on coffee to stay up, and maintaining at least 8 hours of sleep a day. How do I know? Because I just proved it this year. No all-nighters, no coffee, no energy drinks. It just takes good work ethic and time management to ensure that you get enough sleep every night.

2. There will always be narrow-minded people everywhere you go. It's just a fact of life. I thought that by attending a globally recognized school with students from all around the world, the school would be filled with open minded people. There are some great people that I have great conversations with, and then there are the other not-so-great ones. I was very disappointed to find that the vast majority of students in engineering programs make fun of students in other programs, particularly in the arts, claiming that "they'll never get a job" or "arts degrees are useless". Personally, I value the arts just as much as I value other programs. We need to have a balance in this world; can you imagine a world completely FULL of engineers? No. Most would be jobless because we would have exceeded the demand for engineers, and there would be a greater demand for workers in other fields. Variety is key. Some narrow minded people just don't understand this.

3. It's important to socialize. Have some balance in life besides studying. I'm not saying that I follow this advice all the time, as I am quite a shy and somewhat antisocial person. I had a group of friends to hang out with during my first semester, and they were good people. I had a "friend group" so I didn't really interact with people outside this group. But second semester, I socialized more and came to find two wonderful people who I can relate more to (and we'll be roommates next year!). Not saying that my friends in first semester were bad, but they just weren't completely right for me. I'm glad to have found a supportive friend group who have similarities, differences, and overall bring out the best in me.

4. Be thankful. I cannot express how thankful I am for my mom who supported me from such a long distance when I was away. When you live with someone for so long, you kind of take them for granted. Never again will I ever take my mom's wonderful home cooking for granted!

Okay last off, I just want to thank the people who continue to watch me, leave comments, favourites, and llamas. 
Thank you for the birthday wishes, journal features and cake badge! I will try my best to get some new photos up soon!
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Voting in the top 20 for theme Travels

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 24, 2014, 4:31 PM
Hello my kind watchers! :wave:

Wow, this month I submitted my photos in the group :iconthefavouriteshowcase: for their August theme folder "Travels" and two of my photos have made it to the top 20 most voted deviations! :happybounce: I am so excited that I made it to the final round! :happybounce:

So you can find the blog here:  Monthly Theme TRAVELs - WINNERS:icontransparentplz:
August Theme_TRAVELS
All works here
Hello dear members, watchers and visitors Hi!
Here we have the winners of this Monthly Theme:
1st Place (130 points)

by Marl1nde 
(78 votes)
2nd Place (80 points)

by musicismylife10027 
(72 votes)
3rd Place (50 points)

by akrasiel   
(62 votes)
4th Place (25 points)

by Miguel-Santos 
(56 votes)
Thank you to all who voted Thanks for everything! The follow deviants who faved this blog will win 10 points each:
Positions on the Favourites List from 1 to 131 (numbers found using RANDOM
 And vote for your 3 favourite works! Please remember to pick 3 otherwise your vote won't count.

I would really appreciate some votes towards my works. You don't have to, but it would be nice! :) They are number 7 Like a Mirror by musicismylife10027 and number 11Waterfall in Sepia by musicismylife10027. But anyways, if they aren't your favourite images feel free to vote for other people! :) 

And finally, I apologize for not being very active on here; I've been busy getting ready to move halfway across the country to begin university. Hopefully I'll get some new photos up when I have time :D

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My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 9:20 AM

I joined deviantART 2 and a half years ago. Why and how I stumbled upon this site, I don't remember.
I saw the "join deviantART for free" button and clicked on it, since anything that is free appeals to me =P

I truly loved the online community and the feedback I got from artists around the world. It is nice to get constructive comments from people outside my little circle of friends.

When I first started, I really didn't know what type of photography I was interested in. But after looking at other people's galleries and experimenting with different styles on my own time, I have discovered that I am most interested in still life, macro and landscape photography.

One of my biggest inspirations on this site has been Kara-a. Her works are stunning and showed me that I don't need to purchase a bunch of expensive camera equipment to take cool photos. I learned about what close-up filters are and made a purchase so I could take macro photos without making the expensive purchase of a macro lens (of course I plan on upgrading someday). Here are some of my favourites of hers:
First Snow by Kara-aLittle Rainbow by Kara-aFragments Of Time by Kara-a
I requested from her to create a tutorial which has helped me create many of the works I have in my gallery.
Tutorial : Falling WaterdropsTime for another Tutorial :la:

Sorry for uploading it as a journal and not as a deviation, but it is easier and faster for me :aww:
The tutorial is about this kind of photos :
( it's actually quite easy :meow: )
1. What you need : :D
Bullet; Black a DSLR camera
( maybe Bridge cameras will work too )
Bullet; Black your normal 18-55mm lens or something similar
Bullet; Black a paper with the subject you want to reflect
Bullet; Black a faucet
2. The Setup
I know that it is totally unprofessional, but who cares? It works :D


Bullet; Black just use your ba

I am also inspired by:
Nelleke Small Angels by Nelleke
Trichardsen Aurora Brutality by TrichardsenNumber 2 by Trichardsen
hayzycatching the snow by hayzyloss by hayzy
cloduyI will always remember you by cloduyDay 7 by cloduy
dragonfly-oliLittle hopes in the stormy sea. by dragonfly-oli17.52 - Rest in peace. by dragonfly-oli

Of course, I am not even near their levels of skill but someday I hope to be as great of a photographer as they are!

Through deviantART I have become a much better photographer who has learned many new tips and skills from experienced people on this site. Of course, I am still far from being a professional! Haha



Artist | Student | Photography
Just an ordinary girl who loves art (:

I have a passion for photography. I love doing macro shots but I'm a fail at portraits. I don't really specialize in any specific type of photography, just experimenting around with different styles, so you might notice my gallery is "all over the place" (animals, objects, nature, etc).

I try my best to reply to comments. Unfortunately I simply don't have enough time to personally write a "thank you" to everyone who favourites my artwork, but I truly do appreciate each favourite, comment or watch!

And....... Please do not thank me for the fav, watch or llama. You are all very welcome!!!

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